Attractive Style and Fashion Tips for Big Men and Chubby Guys

Author Katy Pen

Author: Katy Pen

I love my guy, but sometimes he looks like he just stepped out of our neighborhood dumpster.

Guys, your girls don’t expect you to be dressed to the nines all the time, but occasionally it’s nice to see you dressed in something other than gym shorts and sweatpants.

I know, when you’re overweight, it’s hard to find clothes that fit you nicely. But trust me, it can be done!

I’ve found ways to help my guy look great, and I decided to share them with you. Let me help you find the right clothes to make you feel good even out of the shorts and sweats!

Key Takeaways – Fat Guy Fashion

  1. Vertical stripes are your friend
  2. Get at least SOME custom tailored outfits
  3. Clothes that fit will always look better on bigger guys vs oversized baggy clothes
  4. Big men fashion is about finding stylish but functional clothes
  5. Even if some stylish clothes don’t magically make you look skinnier, they WILL make you more ATTRACTIVE (simply because dressing with style IS attractive)

The Importance of Style for Bigger Guys

Guys, you may not care about style, but here’s the deal. If you’re a big guy, lack of style perpetuates harsh stereotypes about fat guys. If you let your wardrobe go, people will assume you’re lazy, dirty, sloppy, or even greedy. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a day when you sit around in casual wear all day. Unfortunately, if you go too casual too often, people take it as proof that bigger guys are slobs.

Priorities: What A Big Man Wants from Clothing

When you first start thinking about dressing more fashionably, it may seem like you are trying to reinvent the wheel. If you don’t have a significant other to help you find the right fits for you, I’ve got your back.

Here are some things to make a top priority when looking for new clothes…

1. Fit

Guys, no matter what your size, but especially you big guys out there, the way your clothes fit is your most important consideration. If you’ve got wrinkles, bulges, or sagging fabric, you just look sloppy. On a big guy that sloppy appearance is magnified because, let’s face it, you’re also contending with your body shape.

Lots of big guys wear clothes that are at least one size, if not two sizes, too big. The idea is that the loose-fitting clothing will hide your size.

The truth is, wearing clothes that are too big makes you look bigger! I know, that sounds backwards, but trust me, you want clothes that fit you well rather than trying to hide your body in massive amounts of extra fabric.

2. Simplicity

My next tip for choosing the right clothes for you is to keep it simple. I know, those brightly colored, Hawaiian print shirts are screaming your name across the store. Resist! (Unless, of course, you’re headed to a luau, then have a little fun.)

Seriously, though, as a fat guy, you already make an imposing statement with your presence. When you wear busy patterns, it just brings added attention to your size. 

Unless that’s your goal, choose simple designs–think a dark jacket over a pin-striped dress shirt or a dark, solid t-shirt with jeans–that aren’t too tight or too loose.

3. Lightweight

Let’s talk a little about fabric. As a bigger man, you want fabrics that are lightweight and breathe well. There’re a couple of reasons I say choose lighter fabrics.

One is the sweat factor; we both know that larger guys sometimes have an issue with sweat. Heavy fabric makes that worse.

The other reason for lighter fabrics is they just look better on a bulkier frame. Sure, heavy denim may feel comfortable, but it makes you look bigger. Consider a lighter, smoother fabric that lays nicely on your body without clinging.

Plus Size Men’s Fashion – What the Right Clothes Do for You

Let’s get something straight. The right clothes aren’t going to miraculously make you look thinner or take away the bumps and lumps that go with being overweight. However, there is a benefit to wearing clothes that aren’t too tight and aren’t too loose.

You want stylish but functional clothes!

The right clothes can change other people’s perception of you. When you wear loose, poorly fitting clothes or clothes that are too tight give the impression of a fat man who has given up.

But, if you are wearing clothes that fit well and compliment your body shape, it gives the impression of a well-dressed big man.

Clothing Style for Fat Guys

I’ve given you a few general tips. Now, I’ll go into some more specific styles. Keep in mind, these aren’t hard and fast rules, but some things should be considered don’ts unless you have specific reasons for your choice (you’ll find those under the ugly category below).

The Good

Let’s start with the good. Good clothes are the ones that frame your body nicely and fit you well. Suits, sports coats, and blazers make this list, as do smooth slacks. Add a long overcoat in the winter time for warmth and added sophistication.

You’re looking for smooth fabrics that frame your body. You want to make a solid impression on the people you meet rather than perpetuate the misinformed stereotypes.

The Bad

When the lines of your clothing are less defined, you inch your way into the bad territory of clothing.

Think athletic wear and sweats. That doesn’t mean you can never wear those items. They have their purpose, but they are overly casual clothes and should be reserved for days when you are headed to the gym or work out at the park.

If you need (or want) some athletic wear or sweats in your wardrobe, be sure you are choosing items that aren’t overly baggy.. No matter what you wear, pay attention to the fit!

The Ugly

The worst thing you can wear is something that is ill-fitting, too casual for the situation, and shows way too much skin. I dated a guy once who wore those “wife-beater” style undershirts like they were regular shirts. He thought they made him look sexy – they didn’t!

It actually had the opposite effect.

When you are showing too much skin it brings the focus directly to your mid-section. So, unless you want the world to focus on your belly and crotch area, make sure you have the appropriate amount of fabric covering the rest of you.

If you choose to wear shorts, avoid baggy ones that are too long because that will make you look top-heavy when you already have a heavy frame.

Hints for Dressing Well As A Big Man

Not everything about fashion is bad news for the big men of the world. When you dress with confidence, you are on your way to being a well-dressed big man. One thing to remember, though, is when you’re a big guy, the ready-made off-the-rack brands are not likely to be your friend.

Avoid looking at those models in the ads, too. Advertising companies use a variety of tricks to make those ads look appealing. With that said, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you choose clothes that will have you looking your best:

Employ Visual Trickery

One key to making you look like a sharp-dressed man is to use a little visual trickery of your own. Always tuck your dress shirts into your pants, and wear a belt to separate your trunk from your crotch.

Use a line of buttons or a v-neck to create a vertical line right down the middle of your body to bring everyone’s eye to center. Finally, hide your trouble areas under dark fabrics and wear lighter colors in areas that you want to accentuate.

Solid Neutrals and Classic Prints

Everyone has a favorite color. Chances are good that you currently have a lot of that color in your closet or drawer. Here’s the thing about color; bright colors like red, purple, orange, and yellow on a large area are overwhelming and unflattering.

Wear dark colors, wear black. And if you want to wear color, you might consider wearing pants that are colored. Your larger areas should be covered in neutrals though. Think chocolate, olive, navy, black, and gray here. Those colors are complementary to bigger shapes.

Don’t be afraid of a basic denim shirt or a black denim shirt – with the right look, that style is definitely in right now

To mix things up a little and keep your wardrobe from feeling boring, look for subtle stripes and checks on dress shirts and sport coats. The key is subtle–texture on texture, rather than contrasting colors.

Terrifically Tailored

Every man needs a good suit. As a big man, it can be extremely difficult to find a suit that fits you well off the rack. Do yourself a favor, and invest in a tailor-made suit! A tailor is going to measure you, so your suit will fit your whole body like a glove.

You want your suit jacket to sit flat when buttoned so there isn’t any pulling. That will obscure your belly and give you a sleeker look.

Your pants should skim your heel or be slightly shorter to give your frame an elongated appearance. The whole suit should be in a classic color and made of good quality fabric.

More Trendy Casual Fashion Tips for Big Guys

I had some friends that I consider to be the picture of a well-dressed man give me their take on how to look good when you’re overweight. They said to look for the following things when you are shopping for a wardrobe:

  • Clothes that Fit

Avoid saggy, baggy, oversized clothes. Also avoid anything that’s too tight. Either of those clothing mistakes will make you look bigger than you are, which is probably the last thing you want.

  • Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes draw the eye up and down rather than to width. Not to mention, a small pinstripe is just a classic look for a dress shirt.

  • Suspenders Instead of Belts

Wear suspenders. Why? Because belts slip off the curve of your belly and make your pants look like they don’t fit. Suspenders, though, allow your pants to lay smoothly in the front.

  • Blazers, Suits, and Jackets

Blazers, suits, and jackets help to create the illusion of a slimmer body. Accentuate your shoulders and make sure the jacket stays smooth when you fasten it.

  • Hats and Caps

When you’re a large man, a hat can be your friend. Wearing something on your head makes you look taller, and minimizes the width of your appearance.

Look Good No Matter What You Wear

Now, I’m not saying that you have to wear a suit everywhere you go. I am saying that it’s nice to see guys taking care with their appearance and stepping out of the sweats and shorts and into something nicer. Here are some tips for looking stylish even when you choose to go casual:

Get the Right Fit

Do you sense a theme? I cannot stress enough that your clothes should fit you. Too big and baggy or too tight, and you will look bigger than you are.

Your clothes should fit close to your body but not be too tight, and the shoulder seam should lay nicely across the top of your shoulder.

When you try clothes on, don’t just stand in front of a mirror and say, “Yep. That’ll work.” Sit down, and test how the clothes work when you’re sitting. If you are uncomfortable when sitting, then the clothes don’t fit correctly.

Also, you should only be able to pull the fabric away from you about 2”, maybe 3, otherwise the clothes are too big.

Find the Right Brands

First, don’t assume that you will see a great jacket in an ad or on a video and be able to fit into it the same way the model does–even if you are the same size.

You need to do a little legwork, and find the brands that look and feel best on you. Once you find those brands, stick with them.

Finding brands that work for you doesn’t mean you’ll never have to try on clothes. It does mean that you can find those brands and try the size that you believe works for you.

Groom Your Facial Hair

I know, you’re wondering what facial hair has to do with how your clothes look. After all, it’s your face, so you should be able to wear your beard any way you want, right?

Here’s the thing: when you have a bushy overgrown beard, it perpetuates the idea that big guys are slobs. 

There’s nothing wrong with having facial hair. I happen to like my guy’s beard. The key is to keep that facial hair neat along your jawline and chin. That technique sharpens the features of your face drawing attention there rather than to your gut.

FAQ – Attractive Fashion for Chubby Guys

How should a man with a big belly dress?

If you have a big belly, a jacket is your friend. Choose a sport coat or blazer, even an overcoat, that accentuates the shoulders and creates an illusion of a slimmer frame. The best choice is a double-breasted jacket in a dark color because they look stylish and hide a large torso.

How do men hide fat?

It’s natural to want to hide fat, and there are a couple of tips for ways to do that. One tip is to wear t-shirts or other knitted shirts untucked. Tucking them in accentuates your gut.

Another is to choose to wear sweaters in winter – just be sure to choose ones that extend beneath your waist. Vertical stripes or ribs on the sweaters also help to hide the fat.

Should fat guys wear sweatpants?

Everyone can wear sweatpants sometimes–as long as they fit correctly. No one wants to see someone in sweatpants all the time. 

Not to mention, no one wants to see everything you have to offer, so find sweatpants that fit well and aren’t too tight.

There is one caveat about sweatpants. If you’re trying to lose weight, you want to wear sweats less often because the elastic waistband is designed to stretch, and it can lead you to return to your habits of overeating.

How can I hide my belly overhang?

That belly overhang is also called an apron belly. Support bands or clothes that are designed to support the area are available for purchase. These items help to support the area which lessen the appearance of the overhang.

Should you wear your pants over or under your belly?

Your pants should rest at or just above your hips. Jeans rest at your hips. Casual slacks and dress pants should rest just above your hips.

Letting your dressier pants rest just above the hips allows you to tuck your shirts comfortably into your pants without fear of it coming untucked.

Final Thoughts

Guys, your girls want you to look nice – at least sometimes – just like you want your girls to look nice.

The number one way to do that is to wear clothes that fit. While it’s incredibly tempting to buy something baggy to hide your imperfections, resist the urge!

You have no excuse for looking like you just walked out of the garbage bin.  Trust me, clothes that fit you well will make you feel better about yourself, and let’s face it, confidence is hot!