About Us

As an very large guy myself (currently 405 lbs), I found it difficult to find the right products that met my oversized needs…

So I made this blog and started reviewing products to help out other large people in their quest to find the perfect item to suit their current need/struggle.

Our Mission

To help large people embrace their bodies/lifestyle, and to provide tested and non biased reviews of the absolute best products for large people.

What We Do Here at Clearly Large


Finding the products on the internet that best suit the needs of large and overweight people period!


Answering the most common (and some not so common) questions that large people deal with throughout their life struggles.

Feel free to ask us any questions, suggest article ideas, provide feedback, collaborate… or anything else via our Contact Page.


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Phone Number:  920-312-8553

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Our Team

Larry Palmer – Editor / Writer

Larry Palmer

As a guy who has “struggled” with my weight my entire life (currently 405 lbs), I finally decided to embrace the large lifestyle once and for all!

In fact, I’m proud to be a certified “fat guy” lol!

I created this website to help other large people fully embrace their large lifestyle, and to provide some guidance as to what products I’ve found to work best for me and other large individuals along the way.

Katy Pen – Writer

Katy Pen

Katy didn’t always embrace her large body growing up, but she has definitely learned to love her “big and beautiful” self as a blossoming adult!

“I’m PROUD to be a large and in charge women in the 2020’s!!”, says Katy.

Katy has been writing for us for a short time, but has shown promise in this niche, and loves coming up with new blog topic ideas to help inspire other big girls to embrace their body, their lifestyle, and to change the way the world views and accepts large bodied women and men.

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