How to Keep Fat Rolls From Smelling

Author Larry Palmer

Author: Larry Palmer

The common misconception is that fat people smell. While that’s not always the case, there are times when a distinct odor surrounds you.

Whether that’s from excessive sweating, or just a typical day in the life, you want to take care of it asap.

Here are some tips I’ve found to personally help with my unpleasant smelling fat rolls issue:

There’s An Odor Under My Belly Fat!

One of the most common areas to notice a bad smell is an odor under belly fat. While this can be quite unpleasant, you can relax a little knowing it’s normal to notice a smell in that area. Moisture gets trapped under the belly folds and mixes with bacteria causing a smell.

When you weigh more than the “average” person, you can be self-conscious about your appearance, I know I used to be.

Noticing that under my belly fat smells, just added to my discomfort. Sometimes, the odor is accompanied by a skin irritation, and once that is cleared up, the odor usually disappears too.

Can You Use Deodorant Under Belly Fat?

Yes, you can use deodorant under belly fat. I’ve found that using a deodorant under my belly fat helped to curb the smell. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the area is completely dry first. Applying deodorant on wet skin leads to irritation.

If you are prone to irritation or rashes under your belly fat, you will want to make sure you don’t have one when you apply the deodorant. That can make the irritation worse! (Not to mention, deodorant applied onto a rash burns!)

Sweat Under Stomach Fold

If you sweat excessively, you might choose a product that is an antiperspirant for skin folds as well as a deodorant to combat sweat under your stomach fold. The moisture from the sweat mixes with odor causing bacteria to create body odor.

Minimizing or eliminating sweat can help with the smell. I read somewhere that you should reapply antiperspirant or deodorant a couple of times a day to keep the moisture and smell at bay.

Best Deodorant for Skin Folds

Some experts recommend using a crystal rock deodorant for those areas where you need it most. You wet the tip of the deodorant stick and apply it anywhere you need it. Underbelly folds, your underarms, behind the knees, under the breasts, or on your feet are common areas to apply deodorant.

I’ve tried a few brands myself, and I absolutely LOVE the Crystal brand the best.

How to Keep Fat Rolls from Smelling:

So how to keep fat rolls from smelling? Body odor can be quite embarrassing. No one wants to smell bad. I know I don’t!

Not only does it affect the way others see you, it also affects the way you see yourself. The good news is there are ways to help prevent that embarrassing smell!

Powder for Skin Folds

One suggestion is using powder in the areas. Baby powder, talc, or cornstarch are often the most suggested powder products for absorbing body odor.

Just be sure to spread it evenly because clumps can cause irritation and can limit the odor eliminating powder. I can tell you from personal experience, the clumps can be painful if you leave them too long too.

Tummy Liners

Tummy liners are another way to help with your odor issue. Place them beneath your belly fat and allow them to absorb any wetness in that area.

Other Ways to Help with Fat People Smell

If you avoid certain foods, like garlic or red meat,  it can help eliminate the odor problem. The way you dress makes a difference too. Always wear moisture-wicking fabrics or loose fitting clothing.

Why Do Fat Rolls Smell?

So why do fat rolls smell? The typical cause for the smell is moisture being trapped beneath the fat rolls. When the area is wet, and/or hot, odor causing bacteria feed on the trapped liquid.

Occasionally, other issues can cause fat folds smell. Irritation that hasn’t had treatment can become an infection, for example. If you constantly have irritation or if you think you’ve developed an infection, you should talk to your doctor for advice on what to do next.


Will using cologne or perfume on my fat rolls help the smell?

Using cologne or perfume on your fat rolls will at best mask the smell, not eliminate it. In fact, your cologne or perfume could make your odor seem worse to those around you!

Of course, you could be one of the lucky ones who seem more attractive when your natural odor mingles with perfume or cologne, but it’s best not to take that risk.

Why do my fat folds smell like vinegar?

Sometimes when your sweat mixes with bacteria that is on your skin it produces a smell that is similar to vinegar. That’s because sweat, while mainly water and sodium chloride (salt), contains ammonia, potassium, calcium, lactate, urea, and ethanol.

What is intertrigo?

Intertrigo is a skin inflammation that tends to happen when skin rubs together. You will find the inflammation in warm, moist areas like between skin folds or around your groin. The inflammation is treatable, but if you leave it unchecked it can lead to an infection.

How do you dry out skin folds?

The obvious answer for drying out skin folds is to use a soft towel. You can also use something absorbent like gauze or tummy liners between the folds (just leave it in place to absorb moisture). Another hint is to use your hair dryer or a fan on the lowest setting to dry the area and keep skin folds dry.

Should I see my doctor about my body odor?

If your body odor is the same as it’s always been, you can try at home remedies before talking to a doctor.

However, if you’ve noticed a change in the smell, if it smells like bleach, if it smells like fruit, or if your attempts to handle it have failed, you will want to consult your doctor.

Conclusion – What Did We Learn?

Skin fold management is essential! The smell under belly fat, while annoying or embarrassing, is normal. With proper hygiene, and the use of deodorants, powders, or tummy liners, you can help reduce and even eliminate the smell.