Best Soap for Fat People

Author Katy Pen

Author: Katy Pen

Every aspect of your life is affected when you weigh more than is considered “average”. Most people don’t realize the thought that must go into mundane, everyday tasks like bathing.

Even choosing your soap can seem like a chore. Simply choosing a soap because it smells nice might not be the best consideration for an obese person.

We’ve selected five soaps that we think have benefits beyond a pretty scent. This guide can help you decide which soap is best for you.

Quick Summary – Fat People Soap Winners

  • Best for Dry Skin: ProCover Lymphatic Detox Organic Ginger Soap
  • Best for Sensitive Skin: First Botany All Natural Tea Tree Eucalyptus Body Wash
  • Best Body Wash: Remedy Soap Tea Tree Oil Body Wash
  • Best Bar Soap: Dr. Squatch All Natural Bar Soap for Men
  • Best Unscented Soap: Soap Haven Goat Milk Soap Bars with Honey

Reviews – Fat People Soap

1. Remedy Soap Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Type of Soap: Natural Gel Body Wash
Scent: Eucalyptus, Mint, Tea Tree, Coconut, Peppermint, Aloe Vera
Body Wash or Bar Soap: Body Wash
Organic: Natural and organic ingredients
Best for what skin type: All skin types

Our research found Remedy mentioned multiple times as the best soap fat people, so we had to try it out. Remedy helps to soothe skin irritations. Whether that’s dry flaky skin, acne, jock itch, or ringworm – Remedy is reported to help eliminate those issues.

It’s made with natural ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil which help to keep skin irritation at bay.

It’s reported to help eliminate body odor well enough that you can even use it after a session at the gym. Remedy is formulated with essential oils that moisturize, refresh, and deodorize your body.

There are no parabens, silicone, preservatives, petroleum, or synthetic fragrances and dyes.

The natural essential oils leave your skin feeling clean and moisturized. Olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil have been added to the formula to help moisturize and refresh your skin.

This body wash is gentle enough for those who have eczema to use it, yet strong enough to eliminate tough body odor. As a bonus, the company backs the body wash with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Moisturizing essential oils
  • Backed by 100% guarantee
  • Gentle, yet strong


  • Some customers say it’s oily
  • Lather can dissipate quickly

Final Say

Remedy is a gel body wash that is both strong and gentle. It works well for irritated skin, and has natural essential oils that help moisturize and keep you smelling fresh and clean, especially for overweight and large people.

2. Dr. Squatch All Natural Bar Soap for Men

Type of Soap: Traditionally made, True Soap
Scent: Pine Tar/Cedar Citrus/Bay Rum
Body Wash or Bar Soap: Bar soap
Organic: 98-100% Natural ingredients
Best for what skin type: All skin types

This product is a three bar value pack of Dr. Squatch All Natural Bar Soap. This soap is made and marketed for men. The scents the manufacturer uses are “manly” all natural scents.

You won’t find frilly floral scents with this brand of soap.

Dr. Squatch is good for all skin types, and it helps to soften dry skin. There are no synthetic or harsh chemicals in the soaps to irritate you.

The scents are strong and help eliminate body odor. All of the scents are derived from natural products.

One thing to keep in mind about Dr. Squatch is that you need to remove it from the shower when you have finished. Don’t leave it sitting in water, or it will deteriorate quickly.

It’s recommended to place the soap in a ventilated soap dish or on a wooden soap tray to allow it to dry and retain its shape.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Manly scents
  • Good for all skin types


  • Deteriorates quickly if left in water
  • Pricey

Final Say

Dr. Squatch is an all natural soap that is manufactured for men, which actually makes it the perfect fat people soap. The scents are strong and the soap is designed for all skin types. The soap can deteriorate quickly if it isn’t stored properly.

3. ProCover Lymphatic Detox Organic Ginger Soap

Type of Soap: True Soap
Scent: Ginger
Body Wash or Bar Soap: Bar soap
Organic: Natural, organic
Best for what skin type: Dry

The ProCover Lymphatic Detox Organic Ginger soap is made with ginger root extract which is a natural lubricant.

This soap is reported to relieve muscle pain and tension, reduce swelling, and promote digestion among other things. It’s marketed as a detoxification product that helps remove toxins from your body.

People with dry skin will find it to be moisturizing. The soap is designed to help reduce adipose tissue and fat cells. The packaging claims to be a “slimming” soap. It’s good to use on all areas of your body.

The soap is particularly good on the driest skin. Dry skin becomes silky smooth when you use this soap. The soaps can be used in massage situations. It’s good for both foot massages and for all over body massages.


  • Detoxing
  • Lubricating
  • Relieves muscle aches


  • Bar is small

Final Say

The ProCover Lymphatic Detox Ginger soap is a natural product designed to be moisturizing and to help with issues that overweight people have. The all over soap has a ginger scent, which is a natural lubricant. It’s a perfect fat people soap finalist.

4. First Botany All Natural Tea Tree Eucalyptus Body Wash

Type of Soap: Gel body wash
Scent: Tea tree, Eucalyptus
Body Wash or Bar Soap: Body wash
Organic: Naturally derived ingredients
Best for what skin type: All skin types

First Botany All Natural Tea Tree Eucalyptus Body Wash is good for both men and women. It helps to soothe irritated skin.

There’s no alcohol, paraben, or sulfates in the body wash. It helps to wash away dirt and impurities that cause body odor and irritation.

This is a moisturizing body wash that helps those with dry skin eliminate skin irritations. If you have acne or athletes’ foot or other skin irritations, this body wash helps to fight off the bacteria that causes those.

The tea tree oil helps to make the body wash an anti-itch product as well.

For those who worry about animal testing with beauty products, that isn’t an issue with this body wash. It’s a cruelty free product.


  • Good for all skin types
  • Cruelty free
  • Eliminates skin irritation


  • Not organic
  • Scent isn’t strong

Final Say

The tea tree oil and eucalyptus body wash is a good moisturizing body wash. It helps to fight off the bacteria that causes skin irritations. It is plant derived, but it is not organic.

5. Soap Haven Goat Milk Soap Bars with Honey

Type of Soap: True Soap
Scent: Unscented
Body Wash or Bar Soap: Bar soap
Organic: Natural, organic ingredients
Best for what skin type: Sensitive

The Goat Milk Soap Bars with Honey are gentle and good for sensitive skin. It’s sensitive enough to use on a baby’s skin. Honey is one of nature’s best moisturizers, and it’s one of the ingredients in these Soap Haven Goat Milk soap.

There are no sulfates, parabens, or other harsh chemicals in this soap. If you have sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies, this soap is mild, gentle, and unscented. It soothes the skin with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

When you are overweight, you can be prone to skin irritations. The goat’s milk and honey in this soap soothe those irritations. The manufacturer uses only natural, organic ingredients when creating this soap.

The company tests their products with their own families, and refuses to sell anything they wouldn’t use themselves.


  • All natural
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antiseptic properties


  • Some say the bar smells
  • Complaints about lye in the soap

Final Say

Goats milk and honey are natural moisturizers and soothe the skin. This soap is reported to be good for those who have eczema or other skin irritations. The manufacturer insists that no irritants or chemicals are added to the soap. This is why it made the final list for best soap for fat people.

Choosing the Right Soap if You’re Overweight

Deciding on the right soap can seem overwhelming with all the choices available on the market. There are some things to consider to help you narrow your choices and ultimately choose the best soap for you.

Decide what’s important to you

If you want vegan or organic cleansing products, look for a hand-crafted traditional soap. Be sure to check the ingredients list to verify whether the product is truly vegan or organic.

If you want something inexpensive that you can find in virtually any store, you’ll want to look at a syndet soap.

Get a facial soap and a body soap

A strong soap is great for your body, but it may cause your face to be too dry. Ideally, you need something moisturizing for your face. You can use bar soap on your face, but you should ensure that it’s a gentle product.

Since your body and your face likely have different cleansing needs, you could need two different products to ensure proper cleansing.

Listen to your skin

If your soap leaves your skin feeling itchy, tight, or dry, it’s not the right product for you. You should feel clean and refreshed after using your soap. Even if your friend recommended the cleanser to you, you should look for something different if it’s leaving your skin feeling anything less than refreshed.

What’s good for one person isn’t always the best for someone else.

Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s important to choose a soap that works with your skin type. If you can, try a sample of the soap you want first. Pay attention to how you feel immediately after using it as well as days or weeks later.

Ask your doctor or dermatologist for recommendations

When in doubt ask a professional. A dermatologist or esthetician can recommend appropriate products for your particular skin type. An esthetician will typically recommend the products sold in their salon, but it’s still valuable to get their advice before purchasing a new skincare product.

Types of Soap for Large People

Soap is soap, right? Not exactly. There are several different varieties of soap available. Let’s look at what those are.

True soap

Traditionally made soaps are the only ones considered “true soaps”. Those soaps are alkali salts of fatty acids. So if an oil has been saponified with an alkali, it’s considered a “true” soap. True bar soaps contain a surfactant that reduces surface tension between oil and water. Surfactants help to wash away the dirt.

True soaps are slightly alkaline, and it was once believed they left skin pH unbalanced. However, it has been discovered that skin pH returns to normal relatively quickly. That means it isn’t as important to purchase a pH balanced soap as it was once believed.

Many true soaps are natural, but not all of them are. Some of them include synthetic fragrances, colorants, and hardeners.  If you want an all-natural soap, be sure to read the ingredients.

Syndet bars

Most of the bars we purchase at the local store aren’t soap at all. They are syndet, or synthetic detergent, bars. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use them on our skin. Many of them are quite gentle.

The first ever syndet bar on the market was the Dove bar. While most people call these “soap”, they won’t be marketed that way because they aren’t saponified with alkali salts of fatty acids.

The US Food and Drug Administration mandates that these bars not be called soap; they can be called detergent bars, cleansing bars, or beauty bars instead.

Superfatted soaps

A superfatted soap is a true soap with additional oil added. The additional oil hasn’t been saponified, and it’s added to increase moisturizing properties. Many consumers find these soaps to feel heavy. These consumers also say these soaps don’t cleanse enough.

Transparent soaps

Transparent soaps start as either true soaps or syndet bars, and the manufacturer adds glycerin. The glycerin is added to increase moisturizing properties and is sometimes milder.

However, the glycerin soap isn’t always gentler, and reading the ingredients is important to ensure you are getting a truly mild product.

Combination bars

Combination bars are exactly what you might think. They’re a combination of cleansers. Typically, they combine the ingredients of syndet bars and superfatted soaps.

They were created to increase cleansing properties while decreasing irritation.


Which is better, body wash or bar soap?

It depends on what you want from your cleanser as to whether bar soaps or body wash is better. Body wash adds emollients to the formula to promote additional moisturizing. Bar soaps tend to be less expensive than body washes.

Should men and women use different soaps?

Men’s skin tends to be rougher, thicker, and more oily than women’s skin. A good exfoliating or scrubbing soap is ideal for men’s rougher skin.

Should you have different soaps for different body parts?

Regular soaps that you use for your body can be harsh on your face and cause it to be red, itchy, or blotchy. However, it isn’t a requirement that you use different soaps on different body parts.

If your regular soap doesn’t irritate your face, you can save the expense of buying two different soaps.

Is “natural” soap organic?

Not necessarily. Natural simply means that the ingredients are derived from plant or animal products (usually plant.)

Is natural soap better for your skin?

Natural soap doesn’t include any harsh chemicals, so it’s gentler for your skin.

Conclusion – Best Soap for Fat People

When you are a fat person, nothing is a simple choice. Even choosing your soap can be difficult.

With this guide, we hope we’ve helped to at least narrow your choices and give you an idea of the products available to you.

Our research indicates that choosing a soap that helps irritated skin is the best route to go when you are overweight.