How Do Fat People Wipe?

Don't panic if you don't know how to wipe

Author Larry Palmer

Author: Larry Palmer

Obesity is not without its issues. Most people know about the health issues associated with obesity, but there are other everyday concerns that those of average size don’t consider.

The most mundane tasks that people take for granted require extra thought when you’re a heavier person.

Even something as simple as wiping after using the bathroom requires extra thought. What do people do when they can’t exactly reach to take care of personal hygiene after a trip to the toilet?

  1. Use a wiping aid
  2. Ask a caregiver for help
  3. Use a bidet
  4. Shower immediately afterwards

Use a Wiping Aid for Obese

Wiping Aid

One way an obese person wipes is to use a wiping aid for obese. Believe it or not, there are several “wand like” items on the market specifically designed to help larger people wipe their backside after going to the bathroom.

These products are available at a variety of price points to fit into almost any budget.

Ask a Caregiver for Help if You’re Too Fat to Wipe your Bottom

They can also ask a caregiver or spouse for help. This can be frustrating or even embarrassing for both parties, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

It’s difficult for fat people to retain dignity if they have to ask someone to help them wipe their backside. Some caregivers are uncomfortable with the thought of wiping an adult,  but over time, it becomes like wiping a baby for some.

A caregiver talking to an obese person

Obese people should be aware that the task is unpleasant, and be patient with the person they’ve asked for help. Their cleanliness isn’t their partner’s responsibility or issue, so having someone willing to help shouldn’t be taken for granted.

It would also help to remember that their caregiver isn’t living in their skin, so they can’t feel the sense of uncleanliness that the heavy person is feeling.

Some people have a difficult time with the concept of wiping another adult. They find the task to be unnatural or disgusting. Some tips for them to make the task a little better include wearing gloves and a mask, and trying to think of it as wiping a baby.

While these tips won’t make the task entirely pleasant, they might help with the negative thoughts associated with the job.

Use a Bidet

A less embarrassing alternative is to install a bidet.

If you’re unfamiliar with a bidet for obese people, they clean your bottom with a spray of water after you’ve done your business. A bidet in combination with a wiping tool provides an effective solution to the question of how do fat people wipe?

You may think a bidet is something that is only available in other countries. Many people associate them with foreign cultures or wealthy lifestyles. However, more people in the Western world are finding them to be a luxury they’re willing to consider.

Picture of a bidet

For an obese person, a bidet can be a blessing. While they may not get you perfectly clean, they clean better than toilet paper alone, especially if you have difficulty wiping for whatever reason.

Having a bidet also takes away the embarrassment of asking someone else for help when wiping. With a bidet, the task can be handled alone with some dignity.

However, if a bidet is cost prohibitive, there is one more option we haven’t mentioned yet…

Shower Immediately After Using the Bathroom

A last resort option is to shower as soon as you get off the toilet. A shower allows you to wash the areas you need cleaned rather than relying on your ability to get clean with toilet paper or flushable wipes.

This is most effective if you have a detachable showerhead to direct the spray where you need it.

It might not be convenient to take a shower every time you go to the bathroom, but showering is one way obese people clean themselves after a bowel movement.

If you like feeling clean, as most people do, then a shower after using the bathroom is worth consideration.

FAQ – How Do Fat People Wipe

A stack of toilet paper

What is the best way to wipe your butt? – How to Wipe Front to Back When Fat:

You should always wipe from front to back. This can be done by reaching around behind you or by reaching between your legs. Wipe gently, using additional toilet paper or wipes until the area is clean.

Is washing your butt better than wiping?

Washing is indeed better than wiping. Experts suggest washing with warm water and soap followed by wiping with dry toilet paper to dry the area.

Is the proper way to wipe different for a man than for a woman?

No. Both men and women should wipe from front to back taking care not to vigorously rub because that can cause irritation and even hemorrhoids.

How many times should you wipe your butt?

There’s no set number of times to wipe. You simply wipe until you feel clean. However, it is best to use a soft, strong tissue paper or wipes that can be flushed to do the job.

Do I still need to bathe after wiping?

Yes, you still need to bathe at some point even if you’re wiping very well. I would recommend bathing at least once per day. If you need more tips on this, check out how to bathe an obese person.

What happens if you don’t wipe your bum after a poo?

Not wiping, or wiping improperly, can raise your risk for urinary tract infections as well as spreading bacteria. Not to mention it can cause itching and irritation.

How do morbidly obese poop?

The morbidly obese poop just the same as anyone else. The use of wiping aids, a bidet, showering after using the bathroom, or using the help of a caregiver are ways to help the morbidly obese poop.

Other things to consider if you’re a heavy person?

If you’re going to be leaning to one side of the toilet seat to wipe…

If you’re one who leans to the side of the toilet seat for better access to wiping, you may need to consider if that toilet seat can support that type of movement, and if that toilet seat is made for a heavy person.

Is the toilet strong enough to support a fat person?

Imagine the nasty mess a toilet could cause if it breaks while you’re sitting on it! Yuck! Make sure you get a fat person toilet that can hold the right amount of weight.

How often should you poop?

If you’re worried you may not be pooping enough, or maybe you feel like you’re pooping way too much… check out our article on do fat people poop more.

Conclusion – How Do Obese People Wipe?

Obese people have to think about how they do many things differently, including wiping after using the toilet.

An obese person can’t simply reach around and clean the area with tissue or wipes. When your body gets in the way of your basic hygiene practices, you have options for helping you get the area clean.

Some find that hand extension tools are the way to go for cleaning after using the bathroom.

Some choose to use bidets, while others opt to request help from a caregiver or significant other.

As a last resort, showering after taking care of your toileting needs is also an option.

Whatever option sounds best, choose the one that seems less embarrassing and will leave you clean and still holding on to your dignity.