Best Toilet Wiping Aid for Obese

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Author Larry Palmer

Author: Larry Palmer

When you are obese, it’s often difficult to reach your bottom to wipe after you’ve finished in the bathroom. You may wonder how in the world you will ever get yourself clean. After all, no one likes to feel dirty or like they don’t smell nice.

That’s where wiping aids come in.  We’ve attempted to take some of the hassles out of shopping for wiping aids by researching them and compiling our five favorites into this guide.

Quick Summary – The Best Toilet Wiping Aid for Obese

Reviews – Wiping Aids for Obese

1. Juvo Toilet Aid

Length: 18 inches
Ease of Use: Favored by people with arthritis and MS
Portability: Has an integrated caddy

The Juvo Toilet Aid is excellent for people with mobility issues as well as those who are overweight. The handle on this aid allows you to wipe either from the front or from the back. People who have had back surgery or have other back issues find this product to be useful.

The 18 inch length is ideal for those who need extra reach when they wipe. Patients who have MS or arthritis find this tool to be beneficial even if they aren’t obese. Some of these people report that they feel more independent since beginning to use the Juvo Toilet Aid.

An easy squeeze trigger sets it to hold the toilet paper in place. To release the soiled paper, you simply push the release trigger. An integrated caddy helps to keep the Juvo sanitary.


  • Easy squeeze trigger
  • Extended length
  • Integrated caddy


  • Doesn’t fold
  • Portability isn’t as good

Final Say:

Whether you are obese, or you simply have mobility issues, the Juvo Toilet Aid is a beneficial tool to have. The extended length and the flexibility make it a consumer favorite.

2. Bottom Buddy Toilet Wiping Aid

Length: 11 inches
Ease of Use: Ergonomic, curved design for ease of reach
Portability: Carrying pouch for discreet transporting

The Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Wiping Aid for obese is an 11 inch ergonomically designed toilet wiping aid with a patented rounded head design. The toilet tissue gripper on this model is designed like retractable tulip petals. These “petals” help the wand grip tissue securely.

With this aid, you use less toilet tissue because it works with just a small amount. The curved handle sits nicely in the palm of your hand as well. The no-touch release function allows you to dispose of soiled paper easily and cleanly. Since you can easily hold and use this aid on your own, you regain some independence as well as preserve your dignity.

If you’re unsure about how to use a wipe aid, don’t worry. The Bottom Buddy toilet tissue wipe aid has detailed use instructions included. It also has a discreet storage pouch included, so there’s no need to explain what it is to other people.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Discreet carrying case
  • No-touch release


  • Only 11 inches
  • Holds minimal amount of tissue
  • Shorter than other aids

Final Say:

The Bottom Buddy is a compact, discreet wipe aid. The tulip shaped gripper holds toilet paper in place well once you get the paper in the wand. It has an ergonomic design, but it is shorter than some other products.

3. Buckingham Travel Toilet Aid

Length: 15 inch
Ease of Use: Flexible head and curved handle facilitate easy use
Portability: Compact and foldable with a hard case

If you’re considering taking a trip, and you want to retain some dignity on the road, you might consider the Buckingham Travel Easywipe Toilet Aid. It folds for easy portability and has a hard designer storage case. The case easily fits into your purse, luggage, or car for discretion on the road.

The flexible head on this product holds pre-moistened wipes or toilet paper, so you have your choice of cleaning aids. The curved handle is more comfortable than some of the other products we found.

A button at the top of the bottom wiper releases soiled paper from the wand. The gripper securely holds the toilet paper or wet wipes until you are ready to release it.

Those people who have latex allergies can rest easy when using this product. It’s latex free!


  • Latex free
  • Foldable
  • Designer hard case
  • Extended handle


  • Can break at the hinge
  • Hard to keep extended

Final Say:

The Buckingham Travel EasyWipe Toilet Aid is easily portable. It comes with a hard case to discreetly take anywhere with you. It has a flexible head and a curved handle for comfort. Unfortunately, it can sometimes break at the hinge rendering it difficult to keep extended.

4. FreedomWand Personal Hygiene Toilet Wiping Aid

Length: 14 inches up to 22 inches with extensions
Ease of Use: Versatile, small tip design for comfortably reaching hard to reach crevices
Portability: Privacy carrying bag for travel

The Freedom Wand is a versatile tool for your bathroom hygiene needs. The standard size is 14 inches, but extensions are available to extend it up to 22 inches. This excellent wiping aid for obese features a small tip to make reaching the hard to reach crevices of your body easier.

The soft grippy material of the three pronged head holds multiple products securely.  When we say multiple products, we mean shower loofahs, sponges, and even razors in addition to toilet tissue, pre-moistened wipes, and washcloths. The small tip makes this medical aid more comfortable to use than some of its competitors.

It doesn’t require much strength to use the Daily Living Toilet Tissue Aid–a simple touch of the finger releases the grip. This bottom wiper comes with a discreet storage pouch for easy portability. If you purchase the Master Kit and Ultimate Kit you get extensions and a carrying strap.


  • Multi-use
  • Discreet carrying case
  • Small three pronged head


  • Durability can be an issue
  • Inconsistent Amazon reviews

Final Say:

The Daily Living Toilet Tissue Aid by Freedom Wand is a versatile bottom wiper. It can be discreetly transported, and it doesn’t require tremendous strength to use. It isn’t a cumbersome tool, and it isn’t awkward toilet tongs.

5. Sammons Preston Toilet Aid Wiper

Length: 15 inch or 18 inch
Ease of Use: Can be used single handed
Portability: No carrying case; not as discreet

The Sammons Preston Toilet Wiping Aid for obese looks like a large pair of tongs. It comes in two sizes – 15 inches or 18 inches. The ends of the tongs are slightly angled to make them a more precise tool. This is a lightweight solution to your toileting dilemma.

The Sammons Preston wiping aid is made of stainless steel with vinyl coated handles. All of the joints are reinforced for added durability. The ergonomic design of these tongs makes them easy to use one-handed. They are designed with those with limited mobility in mind.

This tool doesn’t have an easy release feature. However, it is good for those times when you must reach and grab items. This tool isn’t as discreet as other models we’ve seen.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Angled head for precision


  • Not as discreet
  • Not as portable
  • No easy release

Final Say:

The Sammons Preston wipe aid is designed similarly to tongs. It features an angled head for ease of use. There is no quick release, so this tool isn’t as hands-off as other models.

How to Choose the Best Wiping Tool for Obese

When you are looking for a wiping aid for obese, you want to choose something that you will use. After all, what’s the point of purchasing something you won’t use? Here are some considerations to help you choose the correct wiping aid for you.

1. Length of Wand

Not all bottom wiping aids are created equal. They vary in length from 7 inches to 21 inches. Knowing your body and how much reach you might need is the best way to choose the appropriate aid for you.

2. Multi-functionality

Most wiping aids are designed to hold toilet paper in one place. However, some models are designed for other functions as well. Some of them can even be used to clean the toilet! Look at all the functions of the wand you’re interested in and decide which features you need or simply want.

3. Ease of Use

No matter which wand you like best, it should check off the box under easy to use. Not only should it be easy to wipe with, but also it should be easy for you to get it ready to use in the first place. If you have to turn yourself into a pretzel to put toilet paper on your wiping aid, is it really helping you?

4. Extra Accessories

Since you’re already purchasing a wiping aid, why not choose one that has extras? Some come with a carrying case. Others come with extensions, a strap, or even replacement wands. Extra accessories are always a good thing to look for.

5. Portability

Will you only use your wand at home? If you travel at all, you’ll likely want to choose a model that is portable. We suggest looking for a wiper that folds easily or comes apart to be transported easily. A carrying case is another bonus.

6. The Grip

How well does your chosen device hold onto toilet paper without causing it to fall apart? When choosing a wiping aid, consider how you’d like for it to function. A device that will hold items like wet wipes, rags, or shaving tools might be a better investment than one that won’t.

7. Think Outside the Box – Use a Bidet

Something else you could consider if you’re have trouble wiping is to use a bidet for large a person. They do make them with higher weight capacities now a days as well.

How Do Fat People Wipe?

Let’s talk about how do fat people wipe for a minute. If you’ve read this far, you probably guessed that one way they wipe is by using a wiping aid for obese.

However, this isn’t the only method available to help fat people when they have difficulty wiping. If you’re interested in learning more about this subject, we’ve actually compiled another article that goes more in depth into the methods that can be used by obese people to clean themselves.

FAQs – Bottom Wiper for Obese and Butt Wiper Fat People

Person catching toilet paper

How do you clean your bottom if you can’t reach?

If you can’t reach around behind you to wipe, you can reach between your legs. Just be sure to wipe front to back and get everything as clean as possible.

What is a poop stick?

A poop stick actually has two definitions. The first is a stake or a stick that has a cloth on one end used to wipe your bottom. This was historically introduced into culture through Chinese and Japanese Buddhism cultures.

The other definition comes from the Urban Dictionary. This one says a poop stick is a stick used to break up poop that is too big to flush.

What is a bottom wiper?

A bottom wiper is a long handled toileting aid that holds toilet paper or wet wipes and extends your reach. Typically, they have a curved design to make using them from the front easier. Some of them fold for storage and portability.

Can you get an infection from wiping back to front?

Yes, it is possible to get an infection from wiping back to front. Wiping from the back can spread bacteria from your GI tract causing the potential for urinary tract infections and other bacterial infections.

Are baby wipes better than toilet paper?

Baby wipes are softer than toilet paper, and they clean better. So, the consensus is that they are better. However, don’t flush regular baby wipes! They will clog your septic system. You can purchase flushable wipes that are very similar to baby wipes to use instead.

Do you need to consider a heavy duty toilet seat?

If wiping is only one of your concerns, perhaps another should be the durability of your toilet seat and it’s ability to support you without breaking. Check out our reviews of the top heavy duty toilet seat on the market.

What about an obese toilet?

There are specific toilets out there that are made to withstand more weight. Imagine the disgusting flooding problems you might have if your toilet actually broke! Luckily, we’ve reviewed and ranked the top obese toilet so you don’t have to.

Conclusion – Bariatric Wiping Aid

As an overweight person, life can be difficult in numerous situations including in the realm of bathroom hygiene. It can be difficult to properly wipe after a trip to the toilet. Luckily, there are tools on the market to help with that issue.

The five products we have chosen are only a few of the available options. If you’re in the market for a toilet aid tool, look at length, portability, and ease of use to help you narrow the choices. Use this guide as a starting point, and good luck!