How to Bathe an Obese Person

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Cartoon of an obese person bathing

Author Katy Pen

Author: Katy Pen

Have you ever wondered how to bathe an obese person? Many people take bathing for granted. It’s a daily task that you really don’t give much thought.

However, bathing when obese may not be as simple as stepping into the bath or shower and getting clean.

Simple tasks that seem mindless to smaller people can become difficult at best for someone who is overweight, large, or obese. At worst, it can become an impossibility requiring assistance from other people.  Let’s talk about some tips to make bathing a little less difficult for the overweight population.

Choose Appropriate Bathroom Hardware

We’ll start by taking a look around the bathroom itself. When you’re a larger or obese person, making the bathroom as comfortable and usable as possible is one key to making the tasks in that room easier.

Do you feel claustrophobic in your shower? One way to help with that issue is to exchange your straight shower rod for a curved one.

A fat guy singing in while bathing

Curved shower rods give you the illusion of more space in your shower without the expense of replacing your tub. Another hint for making showering easier is to replace the standard showerhead with a handheld version. This simple step helps make bathing easier because you can get into crevices and beneath rolls using the spray from the shower without having to manipulate your entire body.

Choose Long-Handled Bathing Aids for Obese

Hand-held showers are great, but they still don’t completely get the job done. Sometimes there are just areas you need to scrub. If you can’t reach the areas, how can you guarantee their cleanliness?

Enter long-handled bath aids for obese people. A long-handled bariatric shower brush is an invaluable tool for cleaning your hard to reach parts.

Other long-handled shower accessories are also available on the market For example, if you struggle with shaving tasks, a long-handled razor would be a wise investment. These allow you to shave without as much bending and stretching… definitely one of the best bathing aids for obese people.

Choose the Right Bathing Items for Obese (the right soap!)

Long-handled accessories and a bathroom equipped with the right hardware are good starting points for appropriate bathing routines, but there’s another consideration. The products you use to bathe can make a difference too. Let’s face it,; when you’re overweight or obese, you simply have different hygienic needs.

Body positive women with soap on her

You want to choose an appropriate soap or body wash to leave you feeling clean and smelling fresh. Antibacterial soaps and body washes are good choices for overall body cleanliness. You might find body wash to be more user-friendly, as there’s less likelihood of dropping it in the shower.

An additional helpful product for cleanliness is a foot scrubber. If you can’t see your feet, it’s difficult to thoroughly clean and exfoliate them.. That’s where a hands-free foot scrubber can be a handy product to have. Both of these things are great bathing items for obese people.

Between Shower Hygiene

Once you find the products that work well for you in the shower, it’s important to manage your hygiene between showers as well. A really good natural deodorant is essential for good hygiene. When you’re overweight, you might consider using the deodorant at least twice a day.

If you find sweat to be a particularly frustrating issue, you might consider using liners. They have liners that slip into your bra to help soak up sweat. They also make tummy liners that can be placed in areas where sweat irritates your skin.

Hygiene when using the bathroom can also be an issue when you’re overweight. A bidet is one suggestion for handling your cleaning needs after you use the facilities. If that’s out of your budget, dude wipes are a good alternative to toilet paper when you need to feel clean after using the bathroom.

Alternatives to a Shower

Sometimes you simply cannot manage a shower. When that happens, here are some alternatives to help you get clean:
  • A towel bath – bathing with towels outside the bathtub.
  • A recliner bath – taking care of cleaning routine while sitting in a recliner.
  • An under the clothes bath – washing pertinent areas while dressed.
  • A commode bath – kills two birds with one stone. Wash the torso and legs while doing your business on the toilet – clean genitals and rear after finishing your business.

FAQ – More on How to Bathe an Obese Person

Comic of a fat guy bathing in the shower

How can I take a bath without a bathtub?

There are several ways to cleanse your body without a bathtub. Standing in the shower is the most common one. However, sponge or towel baths are also good options.

How do you clean your back if you can’t reach it?

Cleaning your back is one of the most obvious ways to use a long-handled scrub brush while bathing. The long handle allows you to reach areas that you might otherwise miss.

What is the most hygienic way to wash your body?

When washing your body, you should use lukewarm water. Using your favorite soap or body wash, lather beginning at your shoulders and neck, and work your way down your body. Be careful using soaps near your genital areas because they can cause irritation.

Final Takeaway

While bathing can be difficult when you are overweight, it doesn’t have to be impossible. You should invest in some adaptive equipment to assist obese in bathing. Setting up your area for comfort, and using the right tools and techniques can make the task much more simple.