5 Best Toilet for Heavy Person, Fat People, and Obese

A toilet for a heavy person

Author Larry Palmer

Author: Larry Palmer

Have you ever considered how much time you spend in the bathroom? The average person spends approximately 30 minutes a day in the bathroom. Some people spend more time than that in that room.

If you have a heavy person in your circle, choosing a comfortable toilet as well as one that is durable becomes more important.  To help you with that task we’ve compiled a list of the top five best toilets for heavy people.

Quick Summary – Best Toilet for Heavy Person:

Reviews – Heavy Duty Toilets for Large Person and Big People

1. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Toilet

Seat Height: 16 ½”
Bowl Width/Size: 26.6”  x 15”
Mounting Style: Floor Mounted
Flushing Capacity: .8/1.28 gallons

With an elongated toilet bowl, the St. Tropez one piece toilet is a contender for the best toilet for heavy person. Elongated toilets provide more surface area from front to back. More surface area typically means a large person will find it to be more comfortable.

The skirted trapway gives this toilet a sleek, easy to clean design. Quick release chrome hinges allow you to remove the toilet seat for easy cleaning. A soft close toilet is another feature of the St. Tropez. A slow closing toilet seat eliminates that slam that no one likes.

The St. Tropez is a dual flush toilet. The dual flush feature allows you to select the flush capacity meaning that when you need less water you use less water. The 0.8 gallon is a partial flush while a full flush uses 1.28 gallons.  The feature is nice for those who are environmentally conscious.


  • Elongated seat
  • Soft close seat
  • Dual flush
  • Easy to clean


  • Somewhat hard to install
  • Reportedly clogs easily

Final Say

The St. Tropez toilet is a stylish, sleek one piece toilet with an elongated bowl. It’s floor mounted for stability and features a dual flush design. It’s designed to be easy to clean including having a quick release seat that is removed for cleaning.

2. Kohler Highline Comfort Height Toilet

Seat Height: 17”
Bowl Width/Size: 29 ½” x 18”
Mounting Style: Floor Mounted
Flushing Capacity: 1.28 gallons

Comfort is something many heavy people overlook when they buy a toilet. They simply buy a standard toilet and deal with discomfort. Standard toilets aren’t wide enough or tall enough for larger people.  The Kohler Highline, a two piece toilet offering from one of the most recognizable toilet brands,  helps address the question of comfort.

The Kohler sits about the same height as a standard chair, making it what is known as comfort height. The height allows you to get up and down from the toilet more comfortably. Not to mention putting less strain on your knees while seated.

The seat is elongated and wider than a standard size seat, adding to the comfort level as well. Heavier people tend to feel more comfortable on a wider, longer seat. In addition to the added comfort, this model is considered a water saver toilet. So, you use less water with every flush.


  • Elongated seat style
  • Chair height
  • Water saver


  • Seat sold separately

Final Say

The Kohler Highline is a one of the comfort height toilets with an elongated bowl. It’s made to be comfortable for heavy people. You will have to purchase the seat separately if you choose this toilet as it does not come as a package.

3. Swiss Madison Sublime II Toilet

Seat Height: 16 ½ ”
Bowl Width/Size: 24” x 13.9”
Mounting Style: Floor mounted
Flushing Capacity: .8/1.28 gallons

The Sublime II is a porcelain one-piece toilet from Swiss Madison. It has a compact design to fit in smaller spaces. It’s sleek and the manufacturer says it’s easy to clean.

Another feature of this toilet is a dual flush design allowing you to choose how much water capacity you use with a flush. One button gives you a partial flush, and the other gives you a full flush. The dual flush design is to help you in your water conservation efforts.

The soft close seat, included with your purchase, closes gently for a quiet sound. The seat also features quick release hinges. No tools are required to remove the seat. The quick release functionality allows you to remove the seat for cleaning which allows you to get into all the crevices you might miss when cleaning a traditional toilet seat.


  • Quick release hinges
  • Soft close seat
  • Sleek design


  • Difficult to install
  • Small access behind toilet

Final Say

Soft close toilet seats eliminate the annoying slam you hear as the toilet lid closes. That, coupled with a sleek elongated bowl design that is appealing helps put the Sublime III in contention for the best toilet for heavy person.

4. Signature Hardware Bradenton Toilet

Seat Height: 21”
Bowl Width/Size: 29” x 17”
Mounting Style: Floor mounted
Flushing Capacity: 1.28 gallons

The Bradenton from Signature Hardware toilet brands is a floor mounted toilet with an elongated toilet seat.  The two piece toilet design allows you to have easier access around the toilet. The slow close toilet seat is included with your purchase of the Bradenton.

This toilet, constructed from gloss-enameled porcelain, fits into multiple bathroom settings due to its timeless design. The elongated bowl extends 1 ½” beyond the round bowl. The height of the toilet bowl makes it easier to stand from or sit on the toilet easier.

The 21” height is a higher seat than standard height toilets. Installing the Bradenton is easier than some of the other models we’ve discussed in this guide. That’s because the two piece design and open trapway provide easier access.


  • 25 year limited warranty
  • Easy to install


  • Reportedly bad customer service

Final Say

The Brandenton is a two piece gloss-enameled porcelain toilet. It’s classified as “comfort height”, meaning it sits taller than a standard toilet. It’s a great option for those who are taller, but shorter people might find their legs dangling with this one.

5. Toto Eco Ultramax Toilet

Seat Height: 17”
Bowl Width/Size: 32” x 20”
Mounting Style: Floor mounted
Flushing Capacity: 1.28 gallons

The Toto Eco Ultramax is a one piece design that is beautiful for any bathroom. The Eco Ultramax uses the E-max flushing system that features a 3” flush valve and an extra large siphon jet. The combination gives powerful flushing capabilities while using just over a gallon of water to flush.

The one piece design eliminates the gap between tank and bowl that hides dirt. It also helps to eliminate some of the potential for leaking, as there aren’t bolts or gaskets between the toilet bowl and the tank. The modern one piece toilet is easier to clean than most regular toilets.

The Eco Ultramax features Toto’s soft close seat. The seat and lid use a built-in SoftClose hinge system which lowers the seat gently onto the Toto toilet bowl. Toto recognizes that elongated toilet seats are more ergonomic and therefore more comfortable than an average toilet seat. The seat is made of high impact plastic with the specific goal of reducing injuries.


  • ADA compliant
  • High flush capacity
  • Ergonomic SoftClose seat


  • Installation can be difficult
  • Complaints about customer service

Final Say

The Toto Eco Ultramax has a comfortable toilet seat with an ergonomic elongated design. It’s one of our favorite toilets for heavy people because it has a nice modern one piece design while still being ADA compliant.

How to Choose the Best Toilets for Fat People and Obese Person

Choices are limited if you’re a bigger person looking for a different toilet. When choosing a toilet for a heavy person, there are a few things to consider before you buy. If you’re looking for the best commode for large person, we have some tips to help you with that task.

Tip #1: Consider the Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a toilet is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a toilet. Remember that the numbers given by the manufacturer are for weight limits that don’t exert pressure or move. That means you need to choose a product that can handle more weight than you carry on your frame.

Tip #2: What is the Seat Height?

Choosing the correct seat height will keep you from basically falling onto the toilet and exceeding the stated weight capacity. Having the correct seat height also makes using the toilet more comfortable. If you are a bigger person, consider a seat height of at least 17 inches.

Tip #3: What is the Bowl Width/Size?

Does the bowl width really matter? Yes! If you’re uncomfortable in a regular size chair, you will be uncomfortable on a regular width toilet seat. You should opt for one that is wider than a standard toilet seat if possible. After all, who wants to feel as if they are hanging off the side of the toilet?

Tip #4: Consider the Mounting Style

When it comes to mounting style, it seems obvious that you will want the most sturdy option. That is going to be floor mounted toilets. The base helps to make it sturdy and helps to elevate the weight capacity. Other mounting styles are generally built to be aesthetically pleasing rather than geared toward weight capacity.

Tip #5: Consider the Flushing Capacity

Not all toilets flush the same. The best toilets for heavy people will typically feature a dual flush system which allows you to conserve water when possible. You want something that will flush efficiently, and that can handle waste appropriately.

What Style Seat Should You Choose for a Plus Size Toilet? Round, Elongated, or Open?

A toilet seat is a toilet seat, right? Not necessarily. There are three basic shapes of toilet seats available, and each style has its pros and cons.

Round seats are what most standard toilets have.  A heavier person will likely find an elongated seat or open seat more comfortable, though.

We have an entire article ranking the best toilet seat for a heavy person if you want to give that a read.

Which is Better for an Obese Toilet:  Wall-Mounted vs. Floor-Mounted

While some wall-mounted toilets are designed to be heavy-duty, they are often designed with aesthetics in mind rather than durability. Floor-mounted models tend to be stronger because they have a base that helps to carry the weight of the user. It’s better to choose a floor-mounted model if you’re a heavy person.

What about toilets for RV’s and camping?

If you’re looking for toilets your RV and camping needs, you’ll want to get the best RV toilet for a heavy person you can find. They have completely different types of toilets for these purposes.

FAQs – Fat Person Toilet

A picture of an obese toilet

How much weight can a toilet hold?

Multiple factors determine how much weight a toilet can support. The average toilet can typically hold approximately 1,000 pounds. The way a toilet is mounted, its design, and seat shape all play a role in how much weight can a toilet hold and support.

What is a heavy duty toilet?

A heavy duty toilet is one that can handle a higher weight capacity. It’s designed to be strong and durable.

Do some toilets flush better than others?

Some toilets flush more efficiently than others. There are at least four types of flush systems available. There’s a gravity flush system, a dual flush system, a tornado flush system, or a pressure-aided system.

How tall is a standard toilet?

The height of a toilet is measured from the base connected to the floor to the top of the seat. A standard toilet typically measures 15 to 17 inches high.

How tall is a chair height toilet?

A chair height toilet is taller than a standard toilet. Typically, they measure at least 19 inches from the floor. Some chair height toilets can be as tall as 21 inches.

Conclusion – Toilets for Big People

When you’re heavy, it’s often hard to find ways to be comfortable in various situations.  It’s easy to forget the importance of being comfortable in the bathroom.

When you need to purchase a new toilet, consider who will be using it. When you consider the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, and specifically on the toilet, it’s understandable to want a toilet that is durable as well as comfortable.