Bidet for Obese or Large Person

A bidet for a large person

Author Larry Palmer

Author: Larry Palmer

Are you wondering if a bidet is an option for you as a heavier person? Have you been told that you can’t (or shouldn’t) use a bidet because of your size? Don’t listen to that negativity!

We’re here to tell you that you can use a bidet, and you will likely wonder what took you so long to try it. We’ve specifically researched to find the best bidet for obese people.

Quick Summary – Best Bidet for Obese People

Reviews – Bidet for a Large Person

1. Bio Bidet Bliss Smart Toilet Seat

Weight Capacity: Up to 400 pounds
Material: ABS plastic
Air Dryer Function: Yes
Self Cleaning: CleanSurge Rapid Self-cleaning
Wireless Controller: Yes

The Bio Bidet Bliss BB2200 features an elongated seat for maximum comfort. The ABS plastic construction is rated to handle up to 400 pounds without cracking or failing.  Combine the durable construction with a stainless steel nozzle system and this bidet is designed to last a while.

The stainless steel nozzle features three washing systems. You can set it for posterior, vortex, or front washes. The remote control allows you to easily control the sprinkling system and the water temperature. You can also control the sprinkler from the control panel on the side of the toilet.

If you’re looking for a little more luxury, this bidet features a night light on the control panel. It also features a seat warmer, so the days of your rear end freezing when you go to the bathroom in winter are done.


  • Durable with large weight capacity
  • Remote control
  • Three washing systems
  • Self-cleaning


  • Water tank is a little small
  • Wash cycle can be short

Final Say

The Bio Bidet Bliss BB2200 is more than your standard bidet. It has luxury features that will have you feeling like you’re living the high life. The weight capacity and comfort features make this bidet a good bidet for a heavy person.

2. Toto Washlet C5 Electronic Bidet for Obese People

Weight Capacity: Unknown
Material: Heavy-duty Plastic
Air Dryer Function: Yes
Self Cleaning: Yes
Wireless Controller: Yes

If you’re looking for value and luxury, the Toto Washlet C5 electronic bidet toilet delivers for you. The Toto C5 features a soft close heated seat and a remote that allows you to set personalized water settings. You can adjust the pressure of the dual action spray and allow it to oscillate for an effective clean.

When it comes to clean, the air dryer helps you feel as clean as possible after using the bidet. You won’t have to worry about stuck-on waste with this bidet either. The pre-Mist feature mists the toilet before each use.  The air deodorizer uses powerful filters to neutralize bathroom odors.


  • Heated seat
  • Pre-Mist feature
  • Air deodorizer filter


  • No built-in night light

Final Say

The Toto Washlet C5 is a great choice if you want some luxury on a budget. The Pre-Mist feature keeps the bidet itself clean. The bidet is made to be durable and features an air deodorizer and a remote that allows you to personalize your water settings. It’s a great bidet toilet seat option.

3. Alpha JX Bidet for Large Person

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Material: Aluminum
Air Dryer Function: Yes
Self Cleaning: Yes
Wireless Controller: Yes with shortcut buttons

The Alpha Bidet JX features an elongated seat for added comfort. The tankless bidet offers on-demand water heating to provide virtually endless warm water. The wireless remote control features a Wash/Dry shortcut button that makes operation even simpler.

This model from Alpha Bidet is quieter than previous offerings. The seat has been made slimmer while still maintaining a comfortable design. Virtually anyone will benefit from using this bidet, but it’s especially beneficial to those who, for whatever reason, have difficulty taking care of hygiene after using the bathroom.


  • Wash/Dry shortcut button
  • Elongated comfort seat
  • Tankless on-demand design


  • Doesn’t always dry completely
  • Doesn’t remember positioning programming

Final Say

The Alpha Bidet JX has made some improvements over previous models. It now features a tankless water heating system to help maintain virtually unlimited warm water. The remote (wireless with a wall-mount) features shortcut buttons that eliminate the need for lengthy program searches each time you use the bidet.

4. Brondell Swash Electronic Bidet

Weight Capacity: 330 pounds
Material: Stainless steel
Air Dryer Function: Hot air drying
Self Cleaning: Yes
Wireless Controller: No

The Brondell LE89 Swash is a product created in San Francisco, California. It features a coated stainless steel wash nozzle that uses a combination of five features to let you customize your experience. It offers both front and rear wash that is easily controlled from the side arm.

If you don’t like a steady stream, you can opt for a pulsing or oscillating spray when using this model. The toilet seat on the Brondell LE89 Swash fits most elongated toilets. The customization provided by the five features helps provide efficient cleaning with each use.


  • Easy to install
  • Can regulate jet strength
  • Five functions


  • No remote
  • Some find the spray too weak

Final Say

The Brondell LE89 Swash is equipped with five features that allow you to customize your bidet experience. You can manage the temperature, strength, and method of water stream (steady, pulsing, or oscillating) to get the best clean possible.

5. Kohler Novita Electric Heated Bidet

Weight Capacity: Unknown
Material: Plastic
Air Dryer Function: Yes
Self Cleaning: Yes
Wireless Controller: Yes

The Kohler BH90-NO Novita Electric toilet seat features a hybrid heating system that warms the seat and instantly warms the water temperature for your comfort. You can control the water temperature, seat temperature, and water position with the remote.

Sensors detect when someone is near the bidet and automatically raise the toilet seat. Separate front and back nozzles provide an exceptional clean. This bidet auto-cleans before and after each use and features a carbon filter air deodorizer.


  • Automatic seat
  • Carbon filter air deodorizer
  • Hybrid heating system


  • Complaints about air dryer
  • Nozzle is small for the seat size

Final Say

The Kohler BH90-NO Novela has some nice features. For example, the toilet seat that raises and lowers automatically (more on raised toilet seats here) is a luxury not many offer. The hybrid heating system heats both the seat and the water used to clean your body.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying A Bidet for An Obese Person

Purchasing a bidet for an obese person isn’t as simple as walking into your local big box store and asking for a bidet. There are things to consider before you choose the product. As someone who is larger, those considerations are more extensive than they are for someone of average size.

We’ve attempted to aid you in choosing the best bidet for your needs by creating a guide of things to keep in mind when you begin looking at bidets for your home. Our list isn’t comprehensive, but it does include the things that we felt were important to consider.

Bidet for obese people

Materials and Durability

When choosing a bidet, keep in mind that durability is important especially when you’re a heavier person. You want to choose a material like ABS plastic which is typically rated up to 400 pounds. Also, ensure the nozzle and plumbing pieces are made from a non-corrosive material like stainless steel.

Dimensions and Design

Bidets, like other toilet seats (read this article for more on toilet seats for heavy people), are available in both round and elongated designs. Elongated seats are often more comfortable for a heavier person. Aesthetically speaking, an elongated seat may not be the best fit for a round toilet.

Ease of Installation

Bidets can be expensive to have installed. Luckily, some models are available that can be self-installed. Self-installation can save you money, but you should be sure there are clear instructions for installing. Perhaps a tutorial or YouTube video taking you step-by-step through the installation process is available to watch.

Water Nozzle

All bidets should have appropriate water nozzles. A nozzle offering a posterior wash is standard, but one with a front wash is necessary for cleaning lady parts. Many nozzles are oscillating for added clean up capabilities. No matter which style nozzle you choose, you should ensure that you can adjust the stream of water to match your comfort level.

Dryer System

Most bidets have an air dryer system. However, only a few of them are powerful enough to do the job without needing to wipe dry, if you’ve ever wondered how do obese people wipe. If you would prefer to not use toilet paper to help finish drying, check the power of the air dryer system.

Control Panel vs Remote Control

Another consideration with a bidet is whether you opt for a control panel or a remote control. For a heavier person, we recommend a remote control.

The control panel is typically on the side of the toilet and can be awkward to reach and operate. Remote controls are easier to operate because you don’t have to worry about them being blocked by your body.

Extra Features

Bidets are like many other products on the market; some of them have extra features. If you want a luxury bidet, look for some of the following features.
  1. LED lights for night use
  2. Carbon filter deodorizers
  3. Massage streams
  4. Soft close and opening
  5. Adjustable heating and heated seats


Picture of a bidet

What is the best bidet seat on the market?

Which bidet seat is the best on the market depends on who you ask. Different people prefer different brands. Choose the features that are the most important to you to determine which bidet you think is the best.

Is there a men’s and women’s bidet?

Bidets are good for men or women. New technology has been developed that makes bidet use even more convenient for women. Now, you can purchase high-end models that take care of cleaning all the right areas.

Are bidets more hygienic?

Bidets are more sanitary than a traditional toilet and toilet paper. A bidet uses water to cleanse all hints of urine and feces away. Some people choose to wipe with toilet paper to dry after using a bidet, but all excrement has already been removed. And, it’s important to note that you should still bathe once per day in the shower even if you’re using a bidet. If you need help with that, try using bathing aids for obese to help you reach.

Can you overuse a bidet?

While bidets are generally more sanitary, there is a potential risk to using them. There have been reports of injuries including burns and anal fissures associated with overuse of a bidet. If you are having adverse symptoms, discuss them with your physician.

Can I put an elongated bidet on a round toilet?

An elongated seat will mount on a round toilet. Aesthetically, an elongated bidet seat may not be pleasing on a round toilet. Give this a read for more info on toilets for heavy people.


As with anything else, purchasing a bidet seat is often more difficult when you are overweight. Look for larger seats and durable construction when you begin choosing your bidet. Your comfort is the first concern.

After you find a seat you think will be comfortable, the next consideration is the features. Look for models that offer both front and back wash. Heated seats and remotes that control all the features are also convenient when choosing the best bidet for obese people.