Do Fat People Poop More?

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Author Larry Palmer

Author: Larry Palmer

As a society, we have a strange fascination with pooping. Scientists conduct entire studies around pooping and what things affect the way and amount we go.

Why do we care so much about the nature of pooping?

Perhaps it’s because the subject has often been considered taboo in polite society, or perhaps we just want to understand how our bodies work.

Either way, the question remains, who poops more, fat people or skinny people, and why?

The Link Between Bacteria and Pooping

Recently, there has been much talk about the “gut biome” and “leaky gut”. Those terms are related to the kinds of bacteria present in your gut as well as how well your body processes food and nutrients.

Not surprisingly, these considerations also affect how often you poop and the consistency of that poop.

The levels of bacteria in your system affect how your body reacts to a diet as well as how your body processes nutrients. Higher levels of certain bacteria in your gut equal healthier pooping habits because nutrients are being processed more efficiently.

Those same bacterias can help you lose weight when they’re present in your gut biome.

What Role Does Fiber Play in How Much Someone Poops?

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Fiber helps to keep you regular. For years, commercials for such products as Metamucil have hyped the link between fiber intake and healthy bowel movements.

It’s important to note that there are two types of fiber that play a role in how well digestion works for you.

  • Soluble fiber: This kind of fiber is known for slowing digestion. It’s found in oat bran, beans, and nuts.
  • Insoluble fiber: This kind of fiber seems to help foods pass more quickly. It’s found in wheat bran, whole grains, and vegetables.

Both kinds of fiber are linked to the way your body processes food, which, by extension, affects how you poop. Eating proper amounts of fiber not only keeps you regular, but also has other effects on your body.

The right amounts of fiber can decrease blood sugar, decrease the amount of fat found around your internal organs, and decrease the amount of fat you see on your body.

Obesity and Bowel Movements – The Diarrhea Link

After a recent controlled study, it has been found that 60% of obese people are more likely to suffer from chronic diarrhea. Why is this the case? There are several possible explanations.

One potential explanation for the link between diarrhea and obesity is the quality of the diet that many obese people consume. The consumption of high sugar and/or high fat foods affect the digestive processes which in turn leads to diarrhea.

Another possible explanation is the medical health of the person, Certain so-called hidden diseases like Crohn’s or colitis, often more present in obese people,  can cause diarrhea.


Toilet with toilet paper rolls on top

Do you poop less in a calorie deficit?

You may indeed poop less if you aren’t getting enough calories. It makes sense, if you think about it, because less caloric intake means there is less waste to get rid of through pooping.

Does eating healthy make you poop more?

If you’ve recently changed your eating habits to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet, you may find you are pooping more. This is because your digestive tract is working more efficiently due to the increased healthier food.

When your metabolism speeds up do you poop more?

The short answer is yes, when your metabolic rate speeds up everything in your body moves faster including your digestive system. The increased activity in the digestive system can lead to more pooping

Is pooping twice a day normal?

There is no “normal” when it comes to pooping. Anywhere from three times a week to three times a day can be considered normal. It depends on the person, and most people have their own pattern.

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Final Thoughts – Do Fat People Poop More?

Multiple factors affect both the frequency and the quality of poop. Some studies indicate that obese people do indeed go more often than those with an average weight.

The theory is that their bodies aren’t processing food as well due to poor diet and hidden medical conditions that are associated with obesity.

The other side of the coin indicates that if you want to lose weight, you can expect to poop more.

As the digestive system gets more efficient, your body processes food better, and you eliminate more waste. So, the question of who poops more is still relatively unanswered.